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And so it begins…..

Hi all and welcome to my little corner of the Wargaming hobby.  I've been considering doing a blog for a number of years now. And with a bit of a change in circumstances now is the time.

So I’m Andy. 


As with many in our community I cut my modelling teeth on Airfix and Matchbox kits moving on to more complicated stuff as I grew older and finally falling under the spell of wargaming (my son’s fault- he made me go in the shop!) I started with 40K. I still have large quantities of Imperial Guard and Dark Angels but they have been gathering dust for quite some while now and while I enjoy the building, the game has lost its charm for me. However, it was really with the advent of Bolt Action and the rapid expansion of Warlord Games’ Bolt Action range, books, plastics etc... that I have returned to my first love, WW2, influenced by  tales from  a father who was actively involved ( I was a VERY late child and I’m a little mature myself now as you can see). Which brings us back to this blog- world War 2 is at the core and most notably late war north West Europe, D-day, the liberation of France, Belgium/Netherlands and the taking of Germany. But I bet I will deviate off the path from time to time. I mention Bolt Action, my system of choice but I aim to give chain of Command and Battlegroup a go at some point…got the books so, I should use them. 

 I am not by any stretch of the imagination gifted with the talent of many others of our brethren across the web some of who’s talent leaves me equally in awe as it does jealous. I have a style that works for me and has been well received when I have made it available for others to see so I hope it appeals to you too.  

I’ve been a member of several forums over the  years and was actively involved with the Ammobunker as one of the mods (Old Guard) when it was first established going on with  my regular  hobby partner in crime Steve Day (AKA El diablo) , and with a couple of others,  in  establishing the Ammobunker South gaming club in Winchester  which I’ve sadly not been able to attend for a few years now – though of course….with that change of circumstance…..I may be able to change that!  It would be good to get more games in.

So my aim here is to consolidate everything I’ve done over the last few of years and as I progress, hopefully providing some inspiration and help to likeminded fellow modellers and wargamers of ant experience level. Well maybe not those guys I mentioned earlier but…

I consider myself very lucky, I have a dedicated area where I can build, paint, convert, scratch build (terrain) to my heart’s content. I am blessed with a partner who is tolerant of my hobby and shares a love of the period (she keeps on trying to convince me to sell stuff! But that’s another story!), We share a space for our respective interests which is great.  That tolerance/support is hugely important in maintaining harmony when you want to ‘play’. Over the years I’ve had the simple ‘on your lap or kitchen table’ workstation all the way to a dedicated room/man cave. My current setup sits somewhere between the 2 and is probably the best and most efficient set up I’ve had. 

Good Old IKEA has enabled me to have a flexible workplace with good storage at a reasonable price. This is made up of Kalax 4X2 and 4X1 units with a table that fits directly to it. Drawers and other inserts allow for effective use of the space available and a Skadis peg board provides a useful place for ease of accessibility to those tools and items that get most use. 

I’ve currently got about 14 armies on the go the plan below gives an idea of where I’m at right now and what is to come, the filled in boxes are the ones in progress/complete

dad work space.png

So that’s me!  Always happy to answer questions on anything I post, so feel free to drop me a line. 

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