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BLITZKRIEG- Fall of France

My Dad was about my age now when I was born, he was born in 1911 and as a result he took part in WW2 (which is possibly one of the reasons I find the subject so fascinating- truth be told I missed my vocation, James Holland is living my life!) Dunkirk, North Africa, and Greece. Dad was a great reader of history and one book that he owned and now sits in my collection is ‘To Lose a Battle’ by Alistair Horne which I began to read at a fairly early age (when I wasn’t sneaking The Choirboys by Joseph Wambaugh! The film was crap, but the book was both hilarious and at the same time quite disturbing). Anyway, I digress, the fall of France has always been a pet subject, so it was always on the cards that I was going to represents both sides. So, my plan is Germans first, French next (and I will do a small BEF force too in time). As ever Plastic Fantastic is my aim, as much as possible.

As per usual there is no set list, rule of cool is where its at and I will model a whole range of options and form my lists from what I have available. So I've made a start and what follows is a selection of what I have done so far. I will go into more detail as I progress.

This is for a a piece of terrain that I have planned. Bit of canal crossing. hopefully is going to look good.

This one is part of an SS squad. Of course since this is early war jackboots are the order of the day and so a bit of plastic surgery was required to turn the mid/late war SS into early - since this picture i have removed the various camo hoops which were not in place on early smocks.

Ok its getting late and work beckons in the morning. More will follow, I have a couple of these painted so I will add those to a forthcoming post.



6,5 Out

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