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Rapid fire

British Vickers with Plastic Crew

Quick and dirty post after a swift success. The Bolt Action D Day British and Canadian sector campaign book allows Support weapon platoons, in short multiple HMG, Mortar, Anti tank based platoons. Perfect reason to have multiple Vickers set up for SF ( sustained fire). Got to be done. As previously mentioned, I want to minimise metal content in my British force. So, crew had to be replaced this is the first one, I have 2 more to do and the various other bits that the list allows. This crew uses some metal parts from the standard Warlord Vickers, items from the Rubicon Vickers and plastic parts from the new British, old British, Eighth army, USMC sprues. There are 5 crew, I'm catering for more historically accurate game systems as well as Bolt Action. My intention is also to do a display base that will represent a Gun platoon in an SF position- more on that in future posts. What I'm aiming on doing is based on this clip

It will form a point of reference for further work

so here's a few more pictures ( photography is still a tad rough- really must get a grip of that )

Clean up and paint to follow.



6, 5 Out.

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