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RKX M4 high speed tractor- Ready for deployment.

I’ve followed this kit through from unboxing to this, the completion of RKX’s M4 Highspeed Tractor.

Easy build even with the extra detail I added, easy paint job.

Before I run through that, Mud! Tracked vehicles are not meant to be clean. Well……they don’t stay clean for very long. Mud and dirt is a question of taste and as ever reference photos ( and I include models – generally I look at 1.35 scale dioramas) are key to not overdoing it. There are many ways of creating the muddy effect. Probably one of the simplest is Games Workshop Stirland Mud. For those with a tight reign on those purse strings check out Luke APS You Tube tutorials which includes a DIY alternative. At the other extreme Mig, Vallejo, AK, all have multiple products to achieve the mud that you can find at a specific 8 figure grid reference anywhere in the world. Ok…maybe a slight exaggeration! however they are serious about mud on a level that borders obsession. But there are other options. One that I regularly use and I’ve done it again here. PVA glue with Woodland Scenic snow mixed in. Now, I haven’t tried it, but there are varying shades of brown from Woodland Scenic that are essentially the same stuff as the snow. I’ll have to give it a go. Mix it up and just apply in the tracks and wherever else mud might stick. It dries really quickly.


Undercoated with Halford grey primer, a quick check carried out for any bubbles, seams or other blemish. None.

Base coat with TS28 Tamiya Olive green 2. Lovely colour, although it can be temperamental and if put on too thick can pool a funny shade of brown. Not the end of the world on a military vehicle that's having a tough life but still annoying.

Tracks are painted a dark brown AK3046 Splintermuster shadow shade.

Canvas items were done with either Russian uniform or AK 3115 green uniform lights.

Black/brown wash, a mix of Games Workshop Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian medium. I must write down the ratio at some point as I bulk mixed it following Advice from my partner in wargaming crimes and I am beginning to run out! Steve I need the recipe mate!

Quick dry brush with Tamiya XF58 olive green followed by another lighter dry brush with Vallejo 7.924 Russian Uniform.

All the various bits of detail, tools etc are completed.

Decals- Nothing fancy, gloss varnish at the place its going. Position and then when dry matt varnish.

Weathering- very watered down Skrag Brown from Games Workshop does a very nice rusty and grime effect if placed carefully. Varying shades of Brown within the track area and under the hull and a little in places that gives the impression of crew getting in and out. Finally I use powders, dark brown followed by light brown. Black used around the exhaust.

Seal the whole lot with Testors Matt spray lacquer…Job done.

This whole build has been a pleasure and a welcome break from lots of wintery Germans. Impulse buy from having seen just one picture, colour me one satisfied customer... Still need that Long Tom!



6, 5 Out

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