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STUiG 33B Lets do this properly Part Deux

Following on from the earlier post a few months back, I've finally got round to getting the 33B completed. Tamiya XF 63 German grey basecoat, a wash that's a mixture of Aggrax earthshade, Nuln oil and Lahmian medium. following that swift drybrush of German grey, followed by Vallejo model colour 70.992 Neutral Grey and a final really light Administratum grey. beyond that weathering with various shades of brown and stone and some weathering powders. a few streaks and the odd bit of rust, and were done.

So there we go another added to the Stalingrad list. really need to look at what gaps I have there and get it completed. Need to do some betted photos too. Still struggling with that.



6,5 out.

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