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Unboxing RKX miniature's M4 highspeed tractor

Having seen a completed example of this model posted on the Facebook bolt action group,( Thanks for sharing Jesper I wouldn't have found this without your post) I made an instant decision that, in true Hollywood style … ‘I GOTTA TO GET ME ONE OF THESE!! A swift look online and I found RKX Currently there are only 2 models available the other being a soviet T28 but there are plans afoot for an M12 gun carriage and an M30 ammo support vehicle (These are already on my list).

So about a week later and very well packaged in Brown paper and parcel tape, I am the proud owner of this!

Inside, a copious quantity of bubble wrap protects the pieces of the kit

First impressions:

Very good quality cast. As a reasonably experienced modeller the concept of a bit of work on a resin/mixed media kit doesn’t put me off. I’ve worked on a range of available resins some of which, from well-established suppliers, can be hard work. I would put Rubicon's Resin kits as the gold standard, no flash or plugs, virtually non-existent warpage and able to be assembled straight from the box without reaching for a file or sanding board. This offering from RKX is a very pleasant surprise coming in at a close second place.

Made up of 5 pieces- Hull, cab, air intake hood, Left and Right tracks, the kit requires very little clean up before a paint job. One tiny air bubble on the front bumper and one each on the tracks/running gear, ironically at the same spot on the rear idler support. A little sanding on the track/mud guard and the cupola and you are good to go.

Dependent on how far you want to go you can just leave it there. However, this kit is a great base for additional detailing. A swift raid of the spares box (my spares box is deep and full of magic!) will rustle up a 50 Cal. and some accessories for the stowage bins and some crew items for the cab.

I will follow this post up with some images of the build and the additional detailing when I get started on it. That won’t be far off, and of course the paintjob. But I would already encourage you to give this new company your support, great purchase and I’m looking forward to the release of the M12 which will fill a big gap in the 1/56 /28mm market.

Well done RKX

All I now need to go with this wee beasty is a 155 Long Tom…and a crew…and a scenic base to put them on……😉



6, 5 out.

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