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Wargames, Soldiers and strategy

I've had my 15 seconds of 'fame'! Courtesy of those fine folk at Karwansaray publishing and in particular Guy Bowers, the editor, who asked me whether I would be interested in writing an article for Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine (edition number 118- for anyone interested). This came about as a result of some of my conversions that I was showing off on the Facebook Bolt Action page, I was very pleased to do so and it turned out to be a very enjoyable process that has hugely powered my Mojo in progressing my British troops.

The conversions centre around some several small projects for the army. A Universal carrier section, a Forward Air observer, Forward observation officer, a 6 pounder with crew and a Lloyd carrier tow and all plastic crew for a Vickers MMG.

the components for these conversions come from a number of sources. the troops are a mix of the old and new Warlord British with odd components coming from other Warlord sets like the USMC and German Panzer Grenadier. The 6 pounder and Vickers are also from Warlord, the Lloyd is Rubicon as is much of the stowage.

Again a mix of parts, all three carriers are the plastic Warlord kit wit converted crew. the observation teams are again a mix of old and new British with the radio sets coming from Perry miniatures- the 8th Army command sprue which can be purchased separate from the whole box.

All the figures are part of my 43rd Wessex Division Army which is making significant progress. I have bee building and painting more that I have been blogging!

So, plenty more to write about with this lot!

I have a couple of other Ideas for potential Articles and as mentioned I enjoyed the process so I hope to do another soon.

That's it for now, more again soon, go on , go grab a copy.

cheers Andy

6,5 out.

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